LovEly Parties

We love to Party!

Our parties are overflowing with energy, fun and are always the talk of the playground!  We always work with you to tailor the party to suit your child's interests. 


All hosts are experienced Musical Theatre teachers, DBS Checked and have training in Performing Arts.

We offer One Party host for a 1 hour 30 minute party and can entertain up to 30 children.

You provide the hall + food. We bring the rest... 


Tell us your child's favourite Musical and we bring lyrics, choreography and games themed to match.


Our party host can provide karaoke to a song of your choice from the Musical and singalong with microphones. 

We can have a performance at the end of the party for those wanting to show off!

Musical Party

1 Hour 30 - £150


Our party host will arrive as a Princess of your choice and host games to match!


A royal tea party goes well with this option and our princess will sign autographs and have photos with all attendees. 

Princess Party

1 Hour 30 - £170


Our party host arrives with a funky glitter costume and can sing along to the latest pop tunes.

They are able to teach a dance / song of your childs choice to the whole group and will entertain with high energy games throughout!

We can include the one of the themes below:

Pirates/Unicorn/Super Hero/Jungle

Lovely Party

1 Hour 30 - £150


Party Plan

As standard we provide:

  • Floor spots

  • Speaker sound system - with your childs favourite tunes!

  • Microphones

  • Disco light

  • Bubble Machine

  • Prizes + Sweeties

  • Festival Glitter paint

  • Party props - Blow up guitars, pom poms, hoola hoops, Balloons

  • 2X Pass the parcel  

We can entertain up to 30 children per host.

Party host arrives 20-30 minutes to set up.

45 Minutes Party entertainment

20 Minute Tea break – We can do our glitter face painting here

25 Minutes Party entertainment with performing and photo opportunities if required.

Our parties include dancing and drama games with a party theme of your choice.

Mascot appearances are an extra £50 per party - Olaf/Paw Patrol/Mickey/Pepper Pig for 45 minutes.

We send our "Lovely" party host along to entertain your little ones so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party.